At the core of my service is to provide opportunities for those in greatest need to express themselves through music, sound and light through their movements or vocalisations, however small or great, through the use of the latest technology available. In this way those who would normally be unable to perform their own compositions have the freedom to do so.


I provide mobile Soundbeam and iPad sessions on a one to one or small group basis. Principally I work in residential care homes and special schools but am planning to expand my service to other areas. I use the latest Soundbeam 6 technology and iPad apps especially suited to enabling self expression. My aim is to provide opportunities for a participant to explore ways in which they can create their own sound and light effects, thereby giving them a sense of  power and achievement not usually available in their everyday life. Interaction with the equipment can be through whole body movement such as dance, head or limb movement or facial movement. Vocalisations can be used to produce light effects. My sessions are set up in the participant's regular environment avoiding the need to travel  or otherwise disrupt routines.


I have over 17 years experience working with children and young people with profound and multiple learning disabilities. I have been running one to one sessions using iPads and soundbeam technology for over 5 years. Since founding Soundalight Experiences I have been able to bring Soundbeam to performers with other levels of disability and to those who simply want to make music and sound effects with movement. It is, after all, a fun, liberating activity.


I  mainly run  sessions during the week but I am also available for Saturday morning work.

Please see the maps below for a guide to the area covered.

Detail of London Coverage Area