Robert was a child of about 8 years of age who had profound and multiple learning disabilities. He was non-verbal, had limited vision and very limited movement. He could move his right arm and hand but this required a big effort and required me to provide substantial motivation.


In initial sessions Robert seemed happy to lift his right arm and hand to trigger various sounds using the soundbeam however he eventually became rather frustrated, making this very clear with his unhappy vocalisations. I then offered him the iPad laid flat on his wheelchair tray set to a keyboard based app and his enthusiasm was renewed as he explored the different areas of the screen and the sounds he could make. Robert explored the different sounds available within the app and a couple of clear favourites emerged, in particular the flute sound.


We then explored similar apps that had a greater range of sounds available. Robert's reaction to each sound he was able to create through his own efforts was very different and ranged from him becoming completely calm to him singing in tune. He would sometimes rest his hand in a position calculated to make the most ear splitting cacophony and at other times purposefully move his hand around the screen with fingers spread to play up and down the scale while vocalising tunefully.


Robert never failed to make full use of his 20 minute sessions for the several years that I worked with him, and it was wonderful to be able to enable him to express his hidden musical talents, the smiles and singing testimony to his delight.